Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Popsicle Stick Bridge Project

For Unit 2- Bridge Building, we designed and built out of Popsicle sticks. First, we researched some possible design and then worked on a presentation. The type of bridge my group and I decided is a Cantilever bridge. We decided to name our engineering firm D.A.M.M. Also, the name of our bridge is, Get the London Look. The criteria for success on this project is for the bridge to:

  • Stay under a budget of $500,000
  • Span at least 30 inches
  • Allow a toy car to successfully drive on the deck
  • Support a weight of at least 60 pounds  

Cost of Material

  • Wood glue-$20,000 per bottle
  • Regular popsicle stick-$1,000 each
  • Jumbo sticks-$2,500 each
  • String-$5,000
The total cost of my group's bridge is $407,500. After three weeks of building our bridge, we presented and tester our bridge project.

  1. )My group did meet all the criteria for success.                                                                                 
     2.) My group role was the Project Manger, as the Project Manger you had to supervise the entire group, make sure everyone is focus on building the bridge, make sure that the bridge/presentation is complete, and resolve any arguments between group members.       

     3. )My favorite part of doing this project was to actually build the bridge, and my least favorite thing was the fact that we had to do a google  presentation and later one present.

     4.) If I had the chance of doing it all over, I would change the whole bridge design and build a Truss bridge because I would like to make my bridge stronger than what it was before. 

    5.) One of the best moments that I had when I was doing this project was the fact I got to work with the people that I get along with  and we didn't have any major arguments, one of the worst moments that I had when I was completing this project was when one of our bridge side was unbalanced so we had to add a bunch of sticks which got everyone in my group frustrated.

   6.) If I were to give advice to  future students, I would say to build a truss because it is alot stronger and I would also say to make the deck strong too by adding sticks and a bunch of glue so it can stick alot better and so it will be able to hold more bricks.