Wednesday, November 30, 2016


We are currently on Unit2 - Bridge Building and my group members and I were given a Lego Bridge Challenge. We were given 16x16 base plates,and a variety of Lego bricks, plates,slopes, etc.The goal was to build a bridge that spams at least 20 inches, allows an object 6.5 inches and 6.5 wide(fire truck) to pass under the bridge, and support a load of 600 pennies(approximately 1,500 grams).We were given 35 minutes to build our Lego bridge.In addition, we independently built an online bridge using digital LEGO bricks using Build with Chrome.

                                      MY TEAM LEGO BRIDGE

 1.) In my opinion what I found more engaging was the team Lego build bridge because it was a group team challenge and In my opinion I like group team challenges.

2.) Yes my group and I meet the criteria fro success because it was longer then 20 inches,it allow the fire truck to pass under our bridge,and lastly it supported 600 pennies.

3.) One challenge my group and I faced was that our middle part of our bridge was unstable so to fix that we build a tower in the middle to support the bridge, and one challenge that I faced when building with Building with Chrome was that I would lose track of my pieces.

4.) If I had a chances to rebuild my bridge I wouldn't change anything because I was able to meet all of the criteria that was given to me.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Powered Racecar Project

Our second project for unit 1-Simple Machine was to design and build a race car powered by either a balloon,rubber band,or mousetrap.The project focuses on how the wheel and axle work,as well as how forces and motion apply to the car.In addition,after measuring the distance(meters)and time(seconds) on both test days,we were able to calculate the average speed (meters per second),using the equation average speed=distance/Time.In Order to earn an 'A' on this project,our powered race car needed travel at least 5 meters forward and accelerate up a 15ยบ ramp.We were given two opportunities to meet criteria for success.

1.My mousetrap powered race car works by using A mouse trap for a motor, to attach a string to the mouse trap and axle in this method one end of a string is attached or tied to the the mouse trap on the other end of the string is  wound around the axle the mouse trap springs and stretch and now you have your stored energy and as a mouse trap car is released the mousetrap pull the string off the axle causing the wheels to turn and off the vehicle goes.

2.The materials that I used to construct my power race car is foam board,hot glue gun,mousetrap glue sticks ,CDs ,three sticks,paint,duck tape.

3.My Powered race car traveled further than 5 meter,The farthest distance my car traveled was 10 meters and it did not accelerate up the 15° ramp.

4. After test one we did not modify/ redesign our project because after we tested our race car,our race car was accelerating just fine and we thought as a group that our project was going to go up the ramp  the second time.

5. Our average speed of our powered race car for test one was 0.75 and for test two it was 0.55

6.some success that we face during our project was that a race car traveled more than 10 m and some challenges we face during our project was that at first our race car didn't accelerate as fast as we wanted it to,One thing I would do differently would be to add a bigger mousetrap so it would be able to accelerate more faster and be able to go up the 15° ramp.