Thursday, October 6, 2016

Catapult Project

For unit 1-Simple machine,we worked on recently finished the catapult project.
A catapult is a device used to launch an object some distance.We examined the concept of levers,such as the effort,fulcrum and load,as it relates to catapult and other tools we use in our daily lives.In addition to identifying types of catapults,we learned abut projectile motion and mechanical advantage.The goal of the this project was to design and build a catapult that can launch a load with distance and accuracy.We tested our catapult to determine how far it can launch a ping pong ball and how many time(out of 4) it could hit the target(castle) that was placed at distance of two meters.Wee were given two opportunities to meet the criteria for success.

                                                                          Fron View
                                                                                                                          Side View

           My Catapult                                           


1. What materials did you use to build your catapult?
The materials that I use to build my catapult was popsicle sticks,wood glue,rubber bands, and a spoon.
2.What type of catapult did you design?What class lever is your catapult?
My catapult design was a mangonel and the mangonel is a 3rd class lever.
3.How far did your catapult launch the ping pong ball for trail#1?trail#2?Did you change your catapult fro trail#1?Why or why not?How accurate was your catapult hitting the castle for trail#1 and Trail #2?
For the first trail my catapult launch the ping pong ball 7ft and for the second trail my catapult launch the ping pong 16ft,my catapult accuracy for the first trail was 2 out 4 and for the second trail was 1 out 4,and yes I did change something,I added an extra rubber band so it was able to shoot farther.
4.What difficulties did you experience when building and/or testing your catapult?
One of my difficulties while I was building my catapult was that I added a lot of glue,which the glue made my catapult wobble.
5.What are some important concepts/ideas you learned while designing your catapult?
Some important concepts/ideas that I learned while building my catapult was always ask your teacher for help,and don't add to much wood glue.
6.If you were to make another catapult,what would you change to make it launch farther,and more accurate?
If I were to make another catapult I would change my design and make a ballista because it shoots far and the ballista has an accurate aim.