Wednesday, August 24, 2016


1.I was born on January 15 2003, in Los Angles California
2.I have one brother and one sister
3.I have one dog and one turtle
4.My hobbies are reading adventurous and mystery books
5.During the weekends and my free time I like watching shows and movies on Netflix
 6.I learn the most when I am taking colorful notes and I'm a very visual learner
7.My favorite game is monopoly and color switch
8.My favorite foods are hamburgers,tacos,pancakes
9.My favorite subject in school is English
10.My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
11.My favorite color is baby blue
12.My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite team is the Lakers
13.My favorite book is Harry Potter and the cursed child by J.K Rowling
14.My favorite shows are Malcom in the middle,The walking dead,How i met your mother,and Criminal minds.
15.I am good at teaching English to other students.
16.My ideal job is to become a doctor( Cardiologist)
17.My dreams/goals is to go to collage and later in life become the chief of the hospital were I am working.

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