Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge

My team and I did the Spaghetti & Marshmallow Challenge.First we were given 30 Spaghetti sticks,a yard of tape,a yard of string,and lastly one marshmallow.Our goal was to design a structure that can stand freely and it had  to be 14 inches tall with the marshmallow standing on top of the structure and we had to do it in 30 minutes! We had two opportunities to meet our goal. 

1.Yes my team and I meet criteria for success because our structures past 14 inches(the goal) with the marshmallow on top in 30 (min)
2.The best feature of our  design was that it was a triangle on top of another triangle.
3.One thing that I liked about this challenge was that I got to work as a team and everyone was giving ideas.
4.The most difficult thing about this challenge was picking an idea.
5.Yes me and my team build build a better structure because the first one was just a pyramid  going up and it was not as stable but the second was a triangle on top of an other triangle.
6.Me and my team members communicated good because we were able to meet our goal.
7.Everyone was helping for example one person would cut the tape,and another would hold the structure while the other one was adding stuff to it.
8.One thing that I learn about engineering was that you have to have patience.

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